How to Sell Your Luxury Home in a Diffident Real Estate Market


If you happen to have a word with the major realtors who are in the real estate market in this day and age, you would undoubtedly see that a majority of them are having quite a complicated time accomplishing this task. This might not be the condition of realtors who are professionally skilled. The real estate agents who function in this capacity state that it is not feasible for a home to go pending within a few days itself. If you are desirous of selling a costly luxury home within any specified vicinity, you would require a lot of commitment, a concrete savoir faire, and perhaps most of all, ingenuity.


Realtors as well as sellers of homes, in this day and age are aware of the magnitude of spur-of-the-moment thinking. It is simply not feasible to sell costly property like a luxury estate by means of the tried-and-tested methods such as minimally putting the home in the MLS in addition to placing an advertisement in the newspaper. Industry specialists’ prophesize that rich buyers are really not on the lookout for property which can be purchased, rather they are on the lookout for a suitable luxury home which would be compatible with their fulsome lifestyle. This renders it even more tedious for the agents of luxury homes whose primary responsibility is to see to it that the luxury homes are endorsed suitably, and in this regard it thus becomes imperative to seek suitable buyers who are desirous of purchasing property which is just a reflection of their lifestyle.


Seeking the apt demographic is definitely the apt answer, however there are also certain linked factors which accompany this, simultaneously. It is worthwhile to bear in mind that within the most picturesque arrangement, a home which is devoid of an appropriate outlook would not be able to allure the apt buyer for its premises.

The initial step which is necessitated for this process is staging. The home buyers are really not desirous of viewing a luxury home which incorporates the elements of a disorderly dining room, personal photos on the walls, otherwise inequitable furniture. There are numerous luxury homes which are to be availed within the real estate market, thus buyers must be able to associate themselves with the home which they wish to buy as they must be able to envisage themselves breathing, functioning, and amusing themselves in the home. This is the primary reason why realtors specializing in luxury homes are motivating their sellers to invest additional time as well as effort in ensuring that the luxury home befits the buyer’s requirement.


There are numerous buyers who seek recourse to the high gloss publications focusing in homes, and to achieve this end they browse the internet, and will toil with a Realtor who will come across luxury homes to illustrate from the MLS.

These are the ways in which you would be able to sell your home successfully even in a diffident real estate market.

Best Housewarming Gifts to Give as a Realtor

Many people realize how stressful and traumatizing their possessions can be when it is time to move. A person who has freshly moved knows the challenges involved. Therefore, when choosing a gift to present to them during housewarming, just give them something small and a well thought-out gift.

According to Mary Simmons, a California-based realtor, many people love small items during their housewarming parties. Therefore, do not give them something huge like a wardrobe or other furniture items. Large items will only leave them imagining how hard it is going to be to move them again. This the time to present them with gifts that they really need. Your friends will really appreciate a number of housewarming gifts.

1. Fancy Transporter

Anyone can come with a housewarming party with a six-pack of drinks. However, the creative of them all is one who carries them with a wooden six pack holder made from a redwood that has been reclaimed and complete with a metal handle that is galvanized. If you attend the housewarming party with this one, your friend who loves beer will be re-using it. You may consider making a plan of such a gift in advance in order to make it presentable.

2. Some Extra-nice EVOO

If you are looking for some nice quality olive oil, you may want to purchase from Franklin Spuntino who is based in Brooklyn. This is a nice gift for housewarming that your friend is going to treasure. It comes with a cute tin which makes the gift even more, appealing. You do not require any extra wrapping. Just purchase it and present it as it is.

3. Cheese Slicer

A hand-forged cheese slicer is one of the best gifts to present to your friend during housewarming. Even those who do not love cheese will appreciate its craftiness and beauty. Combine it with a block of Gouda and you stand out as the golden one. With the addition of extra coins, you can also get it customized for your friend.

4. Instant Food Access

If your friend has moved to a completely new neighborhood, you may consider giving them a handy menu organizer. Include some local takeaway menus to help them get started. Every time they bite that pizza or inhale that pad Thai, they will always think about you. According to Sarah Schnell Jones, the owner of Bamboo Realty, you can never go wrong with food items.

5. New Cutting Board

It is better to discard certain household items and replace them with new ones after settling in a new house. Such items include shower curtains, floor mats, and even chopping boards. If you want your gift to stand out during housewarming, obtain one of the unique leather strap chopping boards. Your friend will find them handy, easy to hang with the leather straps, and has the advantage of natural grains. This makes them appear beautiful to the eye.

6. The Gift of Game

If your friend is moving to a house that has a lush lawn, then you should give them a Bocce Ball Set. A Bocce set provides ultimate fun to the whole family and more convenient than croquet. Your freshly moved friend is going to really appreciate and they will know that you had them in mind when purchasing this gift.

7. Smart Candleholders

A Match Tealight Holder allows you to light a votive or tealight without your fingertips getting burnt. Although they come at a slightly high cost, this gift set will be enough to delight your friend. It is a good way to show your friend how much you value your friendship.

8. Espresso machine

Just like coffee varieties, there are many brands of espresso machines out there. They range from simple, complex, to exotic. Think about going for a super automatic espresso machine and your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness. With the automation of all brewing steps, your friend will be doing is filling the hopper with coffee beans and turning it on. They then proceed to enjoy a thick cup of coffee. A super automatic espresso machine will be a nice gift for your friend who loves great tasting espresso at their convenience. There are many resources out there on how to find the best espresso machine.

With the stress and shock that comes with moving items, you do not want to add your friend the extra burden when they want to move next time. Just present those with a small gift well thought out, and convenient for their regular needs.

How to Know When You’ve Found the Perfect Master Bedroom

Luxury master bedroom

The master bedroom in your home is more than a room. It’s a sanctuary! When designed properly, the master bedroom should offer a peaceful place to retreat after the daily chores are done. It should be peaceful and serene giving you a relaxing environment to prepare you the sleep at night. With that in mind, there are several things you should look out for to know if you have found the perfect master bedroom.

Master Bedroom inspiration on Pinterest

Find inspiration for your Master Bedroom on Pinterest:

Walk-in closet

There are very few people who have enough space for closets. A master bedroom should have a closet and dressing area making it easy for you to find your shoes, clothes, and accessories. This will minimize some of the stress as you get ready for work in the morning.

A walk in closet will also help to tie the theme of interior space of your master bedroom into a smooth organization. Other master bedrooms also come designed with extra features such as full length mirrors, shoe racks, and jewelry trays if there is enough space.

Patio or balcony

A good master bedroom should have a small patio or balcony with French doors connecting to the outside. This will give you the ambience you require to relax after that long day at work. A balcony also offers a peaceful place away from family to sip a cup of coffee. Watching the sun rising from the horizon or listening to the birds chirping early in the morning can offer a very soothing environment.

Sitting area

A master bedroom is not just about sleeping. There should be a detached sitting area to offer you somewhere to relax when it is too dark and cold on the balcony. The sitting area should have at least two comfortable chairs, a side table, a good lamp. The side table will hold a cup of coffee, a book case, and your reading glasses as you unwind.

Points of light

Your master bedroom should have three points of light if conventionally designed. According the U.S Centre of Building Technology, light adds structure, warmth, and welcoming mood to the interior décor of a room.

In a master bedroom, the three sources of light play varying roles. There should be a soft bedside lighting intended to create peaceful and relaxed moods in the evening. Overhead lights are more powerful and will be very useful when getting dressed in the morning. There should also be recessed or directed reading to use when you are reading.

Luxury bedding is a must for the best master bedrooms

Luxury beddings

If you want to feel great when going to bed at night, then your master bedroom should have luxury beddings. They should be made with high quality linens with coordinating hues or a single color enveloping you with luxury and creating a feeling of comfort. Your perfect master bedroom should also have a high end mattress and a place to hang your pajamas to add to that relaxed feel. You can take a few tips from Snugglenado for the ultimate in comfort.

Window treatments that block light

This is also an important consideration when you are looking for a perfect master bedroom. It should have luxury window treatments which block out the sunlight and add to the elegance of the master bedroom. As such, you will be able to enjoy a more restful sleep at night. If the bedroom has windows that face the east, then this should be a necessity.

Rugs and carpets

You do not want to wake up in the morning and step out on a cold floor. Even if the hardwood in the master bedroom is very lovely, it should have soft plush rugs that give your feet a comfortable feel. You can also opt for a master bedroom with a deep pile carpet that covers your feet as you walk. Having plush rugs and carpets is a good investment since your master bedroom should have a relaxed feel from that moment you step in.

What helps you relax?

Your master bedroom should help you get away from the stresses of life and chaotic daily work. As such, your perfect master bedroom should have everything that gives you a relaxed feel. Whether it is low lighting, music, antiques, favorite mementos or any other activity that helps to relieve your stress, make sure your master bedroom has everything that promotes tranquility and relaxation.

A home just isn’t a home without the perfect master bedroom

If you crave privacy, comfort, and tranquility, then your master bedroom should have features that offer you that feel. With the above listed features, you will find the perfect master bedroom that you are looking for.