Welcome to the NEW RealEstateLinkExchange blog & Directory!

Thank you for visiting the NEW RealEstateLinkExchange.com! 

If you’ve been here before you likely noticed that MUCH has changed. The old site hadn’t been maintained for years and was broken in many ways.

Whats new on the Directory and Blog

We know many of you relied on RealEstateLinkExchange.com to drive leads to your diverse businesses. We’re in the process of trying to migrate many of the valid listings and add them to the new Directory. We’re confident you’ll find the new directory much more user friendly, quick to add and keep your listing updated.

Thousands of people a month visit this blog and directory so you can be confident in having your business listed here!

Getting listed or updating your listings

If you’re new to the Directory or you see that we haven’t migrated your listed over just yet, please take a moment and create your listing.

If you’re not sure if you want to be listed or not, take a look at some of the benefits of including your business in the directory.

How much does a listing cost?

Currently there is no cost for listings. However we do ask that you link back to us on your site to show your support for the Directory and to help us refer more people to more businesses. You can link to us by copying the code below exactly and placing it on a page on your website where visitors are likely to see it such as a sidebar or a footer.

<a href=”http://www.realestatelinkexchange.com/” target=”_blank”>RealEstateLinkExchange.com</a>

What’s new here

We’re moving the directory to it’s new home here. We wanted to leave room for expansion of the RealEstateLinkExchange brand and moving it to it’s own home is the best.

As you can see we’ve added a blog to our home page. We wanted to provide a place to feature businesses, services and products to our readers that they might find useful in there home buying, selling and ownership experience. If you have a product or service you’d like us to consider for a feature, please contact us here.