Should Realtors Be Using SnapChat?

There are many professionals who wonder if realtors should be on SnapChat. A while back, a realtor called to inquire if she should join a new social media platform she had heard from a fellow realtor. I checked it out and I was not impressed by what I saw. I made this known to her during our phone conversation.

I told her that all the features offered on the site were already available via Facebook. I informed her that she should continue to focus her strategy on the four main social media sites at the time. These are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Three years later, my opinion about Pinterest has greatly changed. Now whenever am running a marketing strategy for someone, I ensure that I include it. As of now, Pinterest is one of the highest traffic generators of any social media site.

Social media has evolved a lot this decade. The trick to making good use of it is to not be distracted by every new entrant. Just because a social media is growing fast and it is new does not mean it will lead to more revenue for a client. I was in internet marketing when Yahoo and AoL were the giants of the industry. At the time, they made more money than Google could have ever dreamed of making. In my time, I have experienced the failure of a number of social media sites that were thought to be trendy and eternal.

I began working with real estate agents towards the end of 2005. At the time, the Facebook fad had no caught on. People were still using bulky phones to keep up with their friends. Ten years later, I am still only focusing on very few social media sites. I increase their online exposure with a lot of success.

Today a client asked me if he should use Instagram in his marketing campaign. We have had this discussion a number times, during which my answers has been no. It feels a lot like the time I told a client not to use Pinterest. However, today he wanted to talk about using SnapChat too. I took a bit of interested and downloaded the app. I noticed a client of mine is also using it, so I asked him if it working for him. He informed a kid made him download. We had a nice laugh about it.

For now, I do not see any demographic sense in using this application. In a few years, however, the crowd that is using SnapChat and Instagram will need houses. For now, I am using Instagram for a number of clients and see how it all pans out. The reality of SnapChat too, is that it’s easy to hack a SnapChat account (ex: which poses a risk to realtors.

Using social media for marketing entails finding a communication channel where potential clients can be located. However, the statistical information for SnapChat indicates that most people there are just too young to consider buying a house. Currently, it does not make any sense at all for a realtor to use SnapChat. However, if a potential buyer wants to use SnapChat to see the property, then download the app.