Five Reasons Every Realtor Should Be On Facebook

Social media has grown in a big way in the past few years. It provides Realtors with an audience that a while back would have been hard to find. Any serious Realtor should not pass up this opportunity if they want to be successful. The potential benefits are hard to ignore.


An Opportunity to Diversify Marketing Opportunities

With so many mediums of advertising currently available to Relators, there is no reason not to use the social media. The best part about social media is that it provides one with an opportunity for target advertising. This is hard to accomplish with other forms of advertising. One can target the audience to a very specific age and location.

Good for Networking With Folks All Around the World

When one makes a sale, it can be very hard to maintain the contacts of past clients. However, Facebook provides a Realtor with an easy way to keep in touch with past clients. This makes the process of successful referrals much easier. It is also easier to connect with new clients on a social media site. Besides clients, Facebook is an opportunity to see what other professionals are doing. One can always pick up a few tips from them and learn where they are going wrong.

An Opportunity to Build an Image

Being a Realtor is all about being able to attract people. The Facebook page provides one with an opportunity to do so quite easily. This is done by creating innovative and insightful posts. Over time, one will gain a loyal following of people who are hungry for information. When you gain their trust, it becomes much easier to conduct business with them.

An Easy Way to Highlight Prime Properties

This is an easy way to get potential clients interested in good properties even before they communicate with you. It is an opportunity for them to view what is on offer. In short, one is able to sell properties to a wider range of clients using a good Facebook post.

Get Better Insights

People who are on social media tend to be a bit more unrestrained. As a result, one can use the comment section to get feedback on what the customer wants. This opportunity is hard to find on any other forum. With better insight, one can reorganize their operation to suit clients’ needs.

A Fair Warning: Prioritize Privacy

rleWhile being on Facebook as a Realtor has many advantages, it is extra important to highlight that one should still go through measures to protect their privacy. It may be wise to have a different Facebook page for personal use and for business, and never store too many client details on your Facebook account. People all over the world whether it’s America, India or even France and becoming quite keep on how to “pirater un compte facebook” (as seen on which also means “to hack a Facebook account”. This isn’t said to make Realtors paranoid of Facebook usage, but it is the reality of communicating on a third party platform.

The role of social media in the success of a Realtor should never be underestimated. Already, many people are using Facebook with a lot of success. Realtors can exploit the various Facebook marketing opportunities in order to optimize their success in the industry.