3d Printed Furniture Can Make Staging Your Home Faster and Easier

3D Printed Furniture is the future of staging

Home staging is the preparation of a home for sale. Its goal is mainly to make it more appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. As such, the property is able to sell faster and at higher prices. In staging, the appeal of the property is improved through addition of carefully selected accessories and furnishings. This transforms the home into an attractive, natural space  that is highly desirable.

What is 3D printing?

This is a process or technique that translates a digital file into an object with three dimensions. It is done with a 3d printer that forms the object through a layering process. The technology used to be widely used in games and videos but it has now been applied to create furniture too. 3d printing has also revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It is now possible to make three dimensional usable objects using 3d printing. According to NOWlab, a company that is based in Germany undertaking three dimensional printing, 3d printed furniture is in high demand in the real estate sector.

With 3d furniture printing, designers are now able to create objects that can be fitted into homes and appear like real life tables, chairs, wardrobes and other furniture. Since they rely on digital printing, the furniture can be customized to any particular setting or place.

People have been printing 3d furniture for quite a while now. If you are a property seller doing staging, you need to look for the best pieces out there that fit with the theme of the house that you are selling. If you want to spark the imagination, then choose 3d furniture that matches with your property. It should add value and enhance the property that you wish to sell.

How 3D home staging works

3D home staging provides a great alternative to the traditional methods of home staging. It gives the house warmth thus giving the potential buyers emotional connection with the house. They can be able to see themselves inside the house and visualize what it will be like to spend time inside those rooms and seated on that elegant furniture.

Staging a condo before saleA good way of enhancing 3D home staging is through the use of 3D furniture. Empty rooms without furniture look small, boring, and lifeless. Most people cannot visualize furniture or where to place it if it is not actually there.

Artfully arranged and designed 3D furniture can help the buyer in determining the scale of the room and imagine how their other furnishings will fit in. according to a study conducted by Coldwell Banker, homes staged with 3D furniture realized an increase in 6.4% over the list price on average.

If a home on sale is vacant, then staging becomes very important. With three dimensional furniture included in the models, the house does not feel hollow or deserted. The potential buyer feels at home and at ease. In today’s real estate industry, it has particularly become important to do staging with included furniture. Buyers always make the assumption that the owner wants to sell the house quickly and is offered low prices as a result. With three dimensional furniture used during staging, the potential buyer feels like they have already occupied the house.

Benefits of staging a house using 3d furniture

It is important to create a good first impression. House models with vacant rooms appear unappealing and empty to potential renters and buyers. Majority of buyers cannot create a visual image when just presented with an empty room. As such, they cannot visualize more than what they see.

Staging a home before saleWith property staging, the house is shown in its best form and the buyers imagine themselves living inside there. Statistics indicate that buyers prefer to buy staged homes. Properties that are staged stay on the market for 78% less time than those that are not staged.

First impressions create a big difference between leaving potential buyers out or attracting them to your listing. 3D printed furniture will help you stage your home faster and easier, sell faster and at a higher price. Real estate agents have observed that staged homes sell faster than those that are not staged. Staged homes are also able to show their hidden potential.

Take a look at 3d printed furniture for you next staging

Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing has enable human beings to print almost everything imaginable in three dimensions. The real estate and properties sector has not been left behind. 3D printed furniture are now widely used property staging making it easier and faster.