3 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

When it comes to owning a home, there are menial tasks for which it would be impractical to call a professional. For one, the cost of such tasks would be too expensive. In such a case, one would have to forego such a convenience in order to avoid the high costs. Consequently, it would be a good idea for on to purchase some of the basic tools for a house. These make simple tasks, such as hanging a framed picture or putting up shelves, easy. If these tools are lacking in your home, make sure to purchase them on the next visit to the hardware store.


It would be impossible for anyone to survive without a screwdriver. One will almost definitely require a screwdriver at some point. For instance, one may purchase electrical equipment. In most cases, the equipment purchased comes in pieces that have to be put together. The task of putting it back together would undoubtedly require the use of a screwdriver. Other tasks, such as upgrading the light fixtures in a house, also require a screwdriver. It would be ridiculous, expensive, and time-wasting if one had to call an electrician every time they needed to change a socket in the house for instance.

When purchasing a screwdriver, remember that they come in different shapes and sizes. Ensure that there is enough variety to make them usable. Additionally, screwdrivers are made of a variety of material. The best ones are those that are made of a steel alloy. Cheaply-built screwdrivers could easily snap and injure the person using them.

Cordless Drill

A cordless dril (like this one)l is an expensive but important piece of equipment to own in the house. These drills come with a variety of drill bits and different power settings. The more powerful a drill is, the more voltage it requires. 18 volts is pretty powerful, and the best 18v cordless drill options would be from brands like Milwaukee or Makita. The best kinds of drills are ones that rely on a Lithium Ion battery. They last longer and thus are more practical to use. Cadmium Nickel powered drills are cheaper but hold a charge for fewer hours.

A drill can be used for a variety of purposes. One of them is drilling holes into woods for setting up wooden shelves. It also comes in handy when is installing new locks into their home. When purchasing a drill, it is best to purchase a powerful expensive model. Cheaper models, which use less power, also tend to be useless for most functions in the home.


A home would not be complete without a wrench. They are essential tools to make a home livable. Due to the changing temperature, pipes at times become loose and require to be tightened. In addition, when one requires changing a plumbing fixture, a wrench is a necessary tool. One should make sure to purchase at least two wrenches of different sizes. The smaller wrench is essential for minor tasks in tight crawl spaces.

The tools mentioned are some of the most essential that a homeowner needs. Despite this, a good home needs a lot more tools than this. One should do sufficient research to avoid being caught unprepared in case something needs fixing.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A sliding compound miter saw is a must-have for every home owner that likes to do any sort of home improvement projects. Unlike a regular chop saw, a sliding compound miter saw has the ability to pivot, cut angles in two directions, and cut large pieces of lumbers in one go. We recommend going with the DEWALT sliding compound miter saw as can be seen here, or watch the video below.