Should Realtors Be Using SnapChat?

There are many professionals who wonder if realtors should be on SnapChat. A while back, a realtor called to inquire if she should join a new social media platform she had heard from a fellow realtor. I checked it out and I was not impressed by what I saw. I made this known to her during our phone conversation.

I told her that all the features offered on the site were already available via Facebook. I informed her that she should continue to focus her strategy on the four main social media sites at the time. These are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube. Three years later, my opinion about Pinterest has greatly changed. Now whenever am running a marketing strategy for someone, I ensure that I include it. As of now, Pinterest is one of the highest traffic generators of any social media site.

Social media has evolved a lot this decade. The trick to making good use of it is to not be distracted by every new entrant. Just because a social media is growing fast and it is new does not mean it will lead to more revenue for a client. I was in internet marketing when Yahoo and AoL were the giants of the industry. At the time, they made more money than Google could have ever dreamed of making. In my time, I have experienced the failure of a number of social media sites that were thought to be trendy and eternal.

I began working with real estate agents towards the end of 2005. At the time, the Facebook fad had no caught on. People were still using bulky phones to keep up with their friends. Ten years later, I am still only focusing on very few social media sites. I increase their online exposure with a lot of success.

Today a client asked me if he should use Instagram in his marketing campaign. We have had this discussion a number times, during which my answers has been no. It feels a lot like the time I told a client not to use Pinterest. However, today he wanted to talk about using SnapChat too. I took a bit of interested and downloaded the app. I noticed a client of mine is also using it, so I asked him if it working for him. He informed a kid made him download. We had a nice laugh about it.

For now, I do not see any demographic sense in using this application. In a few years, however, the crowd that is using SnapChat and Instagram will need houses. For now, I am using Instagram for a number of clients and see how it all pans out. The reality of SnapChat too, is that it’s easy to hack a SnapChat account (ex: which poses a risk to realtors.

Using social media for marketing entails finding a communication channel where potential clients can be located. However, the statistical information for SnapChat indicates that most people there are just too young to consider buying a house. Currently, it does not make any sense at all for a realtor to use SnapChat. However, if a potential buyer wants to use SnapChat to see the property, then download the app.

How Does Foreclosure Affect Credit Rating

Without question, your credit rating takes a hit if you foreclose on your home. Other negative impacts are late mortgage payments, short sales and deeds in lieu. Are hard economic times causing you to face the reality of one of the noted options? If so, take heart, the damage is not permanent. With time and patience, you can rebuild your credit rating. See the following summary of ways that foreclosure, short sales, deeds in lieu and late mortgage payments affect your credit rating and how you can repair the damage.

Not to worry though if you focus on keeping your financial obligations on the up and up. While your credit report might show a Foreclosure for up to seven years, or as little as two, the effects will slowly dissipate with time with on-time payments and low balances on your credit accounts.


If you are forced to give your home up to foreclosure your credit score can drop by as much as 200-300 points. You can check your credit score on as well as find ways to quickly improve your credit.

This drop creates a ripple effect that impacts your ability: To purchase a new home, obtain car loans, credit cards and even insurance. Looking for a new job? Some prospective employers refer to credit scores as an indication of personal responsibility. If employers perceive you as untrustworthy based on your financial history you could be passed over.

Keep focused on maintaining your financial obligations in good standing. Credit report Foreclosure can linger on the report for as long as seven years. A positive but though, its effect will reduce in as little as 2 yrs. Here is the if. If other credit balances are kept low and all payments are made on time.

What About a Short Sale or Deed in Lieu?

A FICO study discerned these fall in the same negative affect as a foreclosure.

Why? Because lenders eyes see them as a bedfellow with other mortgage loan defaults. So there future vision could have them concluding they see evidence you will not be able to pay your debts. A little up side is though that However, a past short sale might be considered less unfavorable than a foreclosure. Yeh, this is going to be unique to each lender.

Late Payments Affect

ven a lone month of late mortgage payments can raise questions about your ability to pay debts. Dropping back to a FICO study again it gives up info that a late mortgage payment, even just by 30 days, causes a noticeable credit score drop.

Get in contact with your lender without delay and get an alternate payment schedule arranged if your looking at a possible missed payment.

Reporting Impact

Whether a foreclosure, short sale or deed in lieu the impact can be lessened if the current mortgage lender doesn’t notify the credit reporting agencies about a deficiency balance on your loan. When the proceeds from a foreclosure, short sale or deed in lieu is short of paying the unpaid mortgage balance, that amount is the deficiency.

Give it some time and you’ll recover, deficiency on your credit report or not.

Some Tips For Buying Unimproved Rural Acreage


Would you like to own your own rural acreage? Or perhaps develop and subdivide down the road? Real estate is generally a good long term investment, but before you plunk down the down payment on a 40-acre “ranchette,” there are a few things you might want to consider.

Ingress and Egress

Ingress and egress is a fancy legal term for access. When looking at a piece of property, there might be a dirt road that leads to it. Do not assume that this is a permanent road that you will be able to use at your pleasure. Check with your county recorder and the seller about the road status. If there is any doubt, make sure that as a pre-closing requirement, you will be given a recorded road access agreement that clearly describes the location of the road. If the seller is unable to agree to a road agreement, walk away. Your land with not be worth much if it is landlocked.


Ask the seller and locals in the area about the road conditions during the winter and rainy seasons. A dirt road may seem perfectly fine on a warm, dry summer day but it may turn into a quagmire during spring snow melts. Find out if the road is plowed or otherwise maintained, or whether there is a recorded road maintenance agreement in which property owners who use the road share in the maintenance costs.

Location and Cost of Utilities

p01wj9mcThe nearest electric line might be five or ten miles away, so you will need to find out how much it will cost to get power to the land. It might cost thousands and thousands of dollars to hook into the grid, and the sheer cost might be prohibitive. Solar and wind generated power sources have improved in the last few years and could be a great alternative.

1135148-1210282005433177-pBefore buying, you might want to see if there are any local alternative energy consultants and vendors in town. They can let you know the approximate cost of installing wind or solar power, what will be involved in maintaining your off-the-grid power source and can share stories about others’ experiences. You might also need to check into portable power generators. Sometimes you can convert gas generators into propane generators, and then receive a discount from the local propane company because your propane generator is a primary source of power. Check with your local propane company.

When you are looking at the land you are thinking about buying, take your cell phone with and see if you can get a connection. If so, you’re off to a start with telephone service. You might need or prefer to have a land line instead of cell phone service. Like traditional electricity, find out how close nearest main line is and how much it will cost to connect.

When buying land in a rural area, chances are, there will be no public water connections or sewer connections.

GC evening houses

As to water, if there is already a well, you’re in luck if it is a reliable well. Be sure that all requisite paperwork is in order on the well before buying, and demand as a condition to closing that the well ownership will be transferred to you. If there is not a well, the real estate department (or similar agency, depending on your state) may have a report on file that will tell you about water availability and average depths to water. You might be tempted to enter into a well sharing agreement with a neighboring landowner.


Well sharing agreements, if drafted correctly, can be okay, but make sure you talk with an attorney first before entering any kind of well sharing arrangement. Well sharing agreements tend to turn into legal nightmares when property changes hands or when the pump goes out and the users start squabbling over who will pay to repair it. There are increasing regulations about well sharing arrangements and you are much better off spending some money on a qualified water attorney before entering any such arrangement.

Instead of a sewer connection, you will most likely need to install a septic system that complies with local ordinances. If possible, see if the seller will pay for perk tests before the closing. You will not want to find out after you have closed that the land is almost pure clay and will not perk.

How to Sell Your Luxury Home in a Diffident Real Estate Market


If you happen to have a word with the major realtors who are in the real estate market in this day and age, you would undoubtedly see that a majority of them are having quite a complicated time accomplishing this task. This might not be the condition of realtors who are professionally skilled. The real estate agents who function in this capacity state that it is not feasible for a home to go pending within a few days itself. If you are desirous of selling a costly luxury home within any specified vicinity, you would require a lot of commitment, a concrete savoir faire, and perhaps most of all, ingenuity.


Realtors as well as sellers of homes, in this day and age are aware of the magnitude of spur-of-the-moment thinking. It is simply not feasible to sell costly property like a luxury estate by means of the tried-and-tested methods such as minimally putting the home in the MLS in addition to placing an advertisement in the newspaper. Industry specialists’ prophesize that rich buyers are really not on the lookout for property which can be purchased, rather they are on the lookout for a suitable luxury home which would be compatible with their fulsome lifestyle. This renders it even more tedious for the agents of luxury homes whose primary responsibility is to see to it that the luxury homes are endorsed suitably, and in this regard it thus becomes imperative to seek suitable buyers who are desirous of purchasing property which is just a reflection of their lifestyle.


Seeking the apt demographic is definitely the apt answer, however there are also certain linked factors which accompany this, simultaneously. It is worthwhile to bear in mind that within the most picturesque arrangement, a home which is devoid of an appropriate outlook would not be able to allure the apt buyer for its premises.

The initial step which is necessitated for this process is staging. The home buyers are really not desirous of viewing a luxury home which incorporates the elements of a disorderly dining room, personal photos on the walls, otherwise inequitable furniture. There are numerous luxury homes which are to be availed within the real estate market, thus buyers must be able to associate themselves with the home which they wish to buy as they must be able to envisage themselves breathing, functioning, and amusing themselves in the home. This is the primary reason why realtors specializing in luxury homes are motivating their sellers to invest additional time as well as effort in ensuring that the luxury home befits the buyer’s requirement.


There are numerous buyers who seek recourse to the high gloss publications focusing in homes, and to achieve this end they browse the internet, and will toil with a Realtor who will come across luxury homes to illustrate from the MLS.

These are the ways in which you would be able to sell your home successfully even in a diffident real estate market.

Investing in Luxury Home as a Real Estate Investment


The real estate industry is something which keeps growing by the hour. Every second you delay an investment might actually cost you a hell lot of lash. Even when the real estate sector is at its lowest there are few sections which are never going to lose its taste. These are especially the ones which target the richer and dominating classes. Luxury real estate sector is something which has almost never seen a low rather it is something which sees new heights with the passing hour. The desire for a luxury life is something dominant in every one. People dream of it but only the ones who are rich enough can turn their dreams into reality.

SO if you have money and you dream of living life with style a luxury home is something which you must get. It also is an all time favorite and rewarding investment.


Agents are always on a look out for prospective buyers who will spare a hefty sum to invest in their dreams. Now before you actually spend a huge chunk of your hard earned money on a luxury property you will need to know a bit about the luxury property. Here are a few small tips which will guide you to get yourself the right luxury property.

Keep in mind that the term luxury differs from place to place. What might be luxury in a 3rd world country might not even be close to a normal well to do life in the states. Keep in mind that the geographic location tagged with a lot of other features actually determine the true value of a luxury property in any specified location.


The first factor you must look at is the size of the house and the whole property. This is a key determinant in the price of the property on sale. Now the surrounding areas of the property! You will want to know if it is a waterfront property and it has the beautiful view of an ocean or another water body. Luxury life is also about other luxury leisure activities like gaming, etc. You will definitely be curious in the proximity of the place from luxury amenities. Say for example a golf course. Now consider the market value of the luxury home.

Now the market value for what is considered a luxury property will be different for different countries. If you consider the United States of America the lower limit of a luxury property is approximately tagged at a million US dollars. You will find luxury properties in the US in locations like New York City, Sun Valley, The Hamptons, Westchester County, Santa Fe, Palm Beach, Jackson Hole, Greenwich, Litchfield County, Northern California and Southern California.


The designs of the luxury properties are usually original ideas of the designers. Some even are inspirations from the different lifestyles across the globe. The creativity of the designer however counts big time. Richer people also get luxury properties customized to suit their needs. Luxury real estate companies try to provide the best possible solutions to their clients. Their concern is of the highest degree especially because their clients are investing a very large sum of money in the property. It is hence their responsibility to find them the best possible deals. Different marketing strategies are applied by the agents to attract customers not only on a national but on an international scenario.

Before you zero down upon your purchase do all the research required for the investment. The agents are there to help you out but they are sometimes more concerned about their commission. Do not be influenced by anything. Just keep your eyes and ears open and be assured you will definitely find the house of your dreams.

Five Reasons Every Realtor Should Be On Facebook

Social media has grown in a big way in the past few years. It provides Realtors with an audience that a while back would have been hard to find. Any serious Realtor should not pass up this opportunity if they want to be successful. The potential benefits are hard to ignore.


An Opportunity to Diversify Marketing Opportunities

With so many mediums of advertising currently available to Relators, there is no reason not to use the social media. The best part about social media is that it provides one with an opportunity for target advertising. This is hard to accomplish with other forms of advertising. One can target the audience to a very specific age and location.

Good for Networking With Folks All Around the World

When one makes a sale, it can be very hard to maintain the contacts of past clients. However, Facebook provides a Realtor with an easy way to keep in touch with past clients. This makes the process of successful referrals much easier. It is also easier to connect with new clients on a social media site. Besides clients, Facebook is an opportunity to see what other professionals are doing. One can always pick up a few tips from them and learn where they are going wrong.

An Opportunity to Build an Image

Being a Realtor is all about being able to attract people. The Facebook page provides one with an opportunity to do so quite easily. This is done by creating innovative and insightful posts. Over time, one will gain a loyal following of people who are hungry for information. When you gain their trust, it becomes much easier to conduct business with them.

An Easy Way to Highlight Prime Properties

This is an easy way to get potential clients interested in good properties even before they communicate with you. It is an opportunity for them to view what is on offer. In short, one is able to sell properties to a wider range of clients using a good Facebook post.

Get Better Insights

People who are on social media tend to be a bit more unrestrained. As a result, one can use the comment section to get feedback on what the customer wants. This opportunity is hard to find on any other forum. With better insight, one can reorganize their operation to suit clients’ needs.

A Fair Warning: Prioritize Privacy

rleWhile being on Facebook as a Realtor has many advantages, it is extra important to highlight that one should still go through measures to protect their privacy. It may be wise to have a different Facebook page for personal use and for business, and never store too many client details on your Facebook account. People all over the world whether it’s America, India or even France and becoming quite keep on how to “pirater un compte facebook” (as seen on which also means “to hack a Facebook account”. This isn’t said to make Realtors paranoid of Facebook usage, but it is the reality of communicating on a third party platform.

The role of social media in the success of a Realtor should never be underestimated. Already, many people are using Facebook with a lot of success. Realtors can exploit the various Facebook marketing opportunities in order to optimize their success in the industry.

Best Cell Phone Apps for the Kids While House Shopping

When you are out hunting for a house, you may at times have to bring the kids along. However, they can be quite a distraction if they are idle. Keeping them entertained is not going to be an easy task. When you are faced with such a predicament, your phone or tablet can prove to be your best friend. You load up games on it and the kids will get distracted enough to give you enough time to think and make the best choice. Buying a house requires attention to detail, which you might not have with rowdy kids around.

1. Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

thumb3This is one of the many monkey games available for young preschoolers. They can be quite difficult to handle on a house shopping expedition. The game involves the kids opening a lunchbox and choosing something as directed by the monkey. It allows them to develop a good understanding of letters and numbers. However, older kids may not be very interested in this game. Most importantly, kids do not lose points for the wrong answer. It is a great way to encourage them to learn without negativity.

2. Cut the Rope

thumb2This is a cute game about a creature named Om Nom. The aim of the game is to help the creature eat as much as possible. Thus, the kids have to figure out which bubbles to pop and the ropes to cut. The game is a bit challenging as it require a bit of critical thinking. This game can be a great way to keep the older kids occupied on a house shopping mission. Thy will be too busy trying to figure out this puzzle to be much of a problem. It is also a great way to get their minds thinking and activated. It helps them grow their problem-solving ability.


thumb1This multi-player game is highly interactive. The game is played with millions of other players around the world. One has to eat bigger circular cells before they are eaten. This game requires a bit of thinking and speedy fingers. It is a fun way to keep the kids engaged. Best of all, there is never a dull moment in the game’s universe, and if the kids are smart, they can find a hack for The aim of the game is to grow as big as possible. The game has millions of users from around the world.

The house shopping exercise is never easy. However, these will prove an invaluable ally in keeping the kids under control. It gives you more time to work on getting the best house out there.

3 Tools Every New Homeowner Should Have

When it comes to owning a home, there are menial tasks for which it would be impractical to call a professional. For one, the cost of such tasks would be too expensive. In such a case, one would have to forego such a convenience in order to avoid the high costs. Consequently, it would be a good idea for on to purchase some of the basic tools for a house. These make simple tasks, such as hanging a framed picture or putting up shelves, easy. If these tools are lacking in your home, make sure to purchase them on the next visit to the hardware store.


It would be impossible for anyone to survive without a screwdriver. One will almost definitely require a screwdriver at some point. For instance, one may purchase electrical equipment. In most cases, the equipment purchased comes in pieces that have to be put together. The task of putting it back together would undoubtedly require the use of a screwdriver. Other tasks, such as upgrading the light fixtures in a house, also require a screwdriver. It would be ridiculous, expensive, and time-wasting if one had to call an electrician every time they needed to change a socket in the house for instance.

When purchasing a screwdriver, remember that they come in different shapes and sizes. Ensure that there is enough variety to make them usable. Additionally, screwdrivers are made of a variety of material. The best ones are those that are made of a steel alloy. Cheaply-built screwdrivers could easily snap and injure the person using them.

Cordless Drill

A cordless dril (like this one)l is an expensive but important piece of equipment to own in the house. These drills come with a variety of drill bits and different power settings. The more powerful a drill is, the more voltage it requires. 18 volts is pretty powerful, and the best 18v cordless drill options would be from brands like Milwaukee or Makita. The best kinds of drills are ones that rely on a Lithium Ion battery. They last longer and thus are more practical to use. Cadmium Nickel powered drills are cheaper but hold a charge for fewer hours.

A drill can be used for a variety of purposes. One of them is drilling holes into woods for setting up wooden shelves. It also comes in handy when is installing new locks into their home. When purchasing a drill, it is best to purchase a powerful expensive model. Cheaper models, which use less power, also tend to be useless for most functions in the home.


A home would not be complete without a wrench. They are essential tools to make a home livable. Due to the changing temperature, pipes at times become loose and require to be tightened. In addition, when one requires changing a plumbing fixture, a wrench is a necessary tool. One should make sure to purchase at least two wrenches of different sizes. The smaller wrench is essential for minor tasks in tight crawl spaces.

The tools mentioned are some of the most essential that a homeowner needs. Despite this, a good home needs a lot more tools than this. One should do sufficient research to avoid being caught unprepared in case something needs fixing.

Sliding Compound Miter Saw

A sliding compound miter saw is a must-have for every home owner that likes to do any sort of home improvement projects. Unlike a regular chop saw, a sliding compound miter saw has the ability to pivot, cut angles in two directions, and cut large pieces of lumbers in one go. We recommend going with the DEWALT sliding compound miter saw as can be seen here, or watch the video below.

Protecting Your Home and Other Assets: 3 Legal Services to Have on Retainer

In the fast-paced world of today, businesses and individuals are trying to make as much profit as possible. As a result, they use all the legal means at their disposal to avoid making any payments. Sadly, without sound legal advice, one might find it very hard to stay protected.

Some of these issues arise without notice. In such times, trying to find a lawyer can be a challenge. In addition, one will likely have to pay extra in order to get the lawyer. This can all be avoided if one has a lawyer on retainer. They will be available at specific times when one needs them. This can prove to be quite advantageous for a small business or an individual.

A Home Insurance Lawyer

This is one of the most important people to have on retainer. It ensures that one gets fair compensation in case the home is damaged. Whenever such an issue occurs, the insurance company knows one is in mental distress. As such, they can be very quick to make one sign legal documents in the confusion. Most people usually end up feeling betrayed after they discover what has been done to them. It is important to remember that the insurance company is just a business and they are looking out for their interests.

One may use a retainer service from a home insurance lawyer in a number of ways. For one, the legal counsel may be used only for legal advice as one negotiates with the insurance company. This is definitely one of the best routes to follow. If one hires a very aggressive lawyer, they may push the insurance company too much. This may make the dispute resolution process too difficult.

After a home goes up in flames for instance, one loses more than just property. There are irreplaceable things that lead to emotional stress. As such, one is not in the best frame of mind to negotiate with the insurance companies. People, who have had legal counsel close by, claim that they were paid significantly more than those who go at it alone.

Car Accident Attorney

One needs this legal service on retainer. Accidents can occur at any time without notice. When this happens, one might find oneself faced with a huge legal suit. However, it is not always that there is a fault. Contacting the lawyer is a good way to ensure that there is justice. Quite a number of people have made huge moments because they thought they were at fault.

Such a lawyer also comes in handy when filing an insurance claim. “In fact, most people say that they get awarded more if they get legal counsel” as quoted by The Harville Law Offices of Louisville. It is essential to get one with a few years of experience behind them. The law is ever changing and experience is of great importance, especially when dealing with car accidents.

Business Attorney

Those that own a small business will understand the importance of this. In most cases, a business may get into disputes with its suppliers. A lawyer would prove indispensable in resolving such an issue. One should look for an attorney that offers a dispute mechanism. This serves to reduce the cost and time spent in the corridors of justice. They also help to diffuse tensions that could prove harmful to the success of a small business.

Most small businesses, especially family owned ones, may think they do not need a lawyer. This would be a grave mistake. For one, a lawyer is important in determining the hiring process. Consequently, the business will not be bogged down in legal suits from resenting and disgruntled employees.

The businesses lawyer also assists one to understand new laws. This can help the business to avoid potential expensive fines. In essence, what is clear is that being cheap is expensive. In the end, the total cost of operating without legal advice will prove more expensive. For instance, a good lawyer can help the business take advantage of tax laws, thus reducing the amount of tax it pays.

Here is a great video further explaining why it can be a great idea for any business or individual to have a lawyer on speed dial.

Legal counsel is indispensable in modern society. Always ensure there is a lawyer on speed dial who will not disappoint. Such a professional can make life in the modern world much simpler. Consider hiring one today and see the advantages.

Best Housewarming Gifts to Give as a Realtor

Many people realize how stressful and traumatizing their possessions can be when it is time to move. A person who has freshly moved knows the challenges involved. Therefore, when choosing a gift to present to them during housewarming, just give them something small and a well thought-out gift.

According to Mary Simmons, a California-based realtor, many people love small items during their housewarming parties. Therefore, do not give them something huge like a wardrobe or other furniture items. Large items will only leave them imagining how hard it is going to be to move them again. This the time to present them with gifts that they really need. Your friends will really appreciate a number of housewarming gifts.

1. Fancy Transporter

Anyone can come with a housewarming party with a six-pack of drinks. However, the creative of them all is one who carries them with a wooden six pack holder made from a redwood that has been reclaimed and complete with a metal handle that is galvanized. If you attend the housewarming party with this one, your friend who loves beer will be re-using it. You may consider making a plan of such a gift in advance in order to make it presentable.

2. Some Extra-nice EVOO

If you are looking for some nice quality olive oil, you may want to purchase from Franklin Spuntino who is based in Brooklyn. This is a nice gift for housewarming that your friend is going to treasure. It comes with a cute tin which makes the gift even more, appealing. You do not require any extra wrapping. Just purchase it and present it as it is.

3. Cheese Slicer

A hand-forged cheese slicer is one of the best gifts to present to your friend during housewarming. Even those who do not love cheese will appreciate its craftiness and beauty. Combine it with a block of Gouda and you stand out as the golden one. With the addition of extra coins, you can also get it customized for your friend.

4. Instant Food Access

If your friend has moved to a completely new neighborhood, you may consider giving them a handy menu organizer. Include some local takeaway menus to help them get started. Every time they bite that pizza or inhale that pad Thai, they will always think about you. According to Sarah Schnell Jones, the owner of Bamboo Realty, you can never go wrong with food items.

5. New Cutting Board

It is better to discard certain household items and replace them with new ones after settling in a new house. Such items include shower curtains, floor mats, and even chopping boards. If you want your gift to stand out during housewarming, obtain one of the unique leather strap chopping boards. Your friend will find them handy, easy to hang with the leather straps, and has the advantage of natural grains. This makes them appear beautiful to the eye.

6. The Gift of Game

If your friend is moving to a house that has a lush lawn, then you should give them a Bocce Ball Set. A Bocce set provides ultimate fun to the whole family and more convenient than croquet. Your freshly moved friend is going to really appreciate and they will know that you had them in mind when purchasing this gift.

7. Smart Candleholders

A Match Tealight Holder allows you to light a votive or tealight without your fingertips getting burnt. Although they come at a slightly high cost, this gift set will be enough to delight your friend. It is a good way to show your friend how much you value your friendship.

8. Espresso machine

Just like coffee varieties, there are many brands of espresso machines out there. They range from simple, complex, to exotic. Think about going for a super automatic espresso machine and your friend will appreciate your thoughtfulness. With the automation of all brewing steps, your friend will be doing is filling the hopper with coffee beans and turning it on. They then proceed to enjoy a thick cup of coffee. A super automatic espresso machine will be a nice gift for your friend who loves great tasting espresso at their convenience. There are many resources out there on how to find the best espresso machine.

With the stress and shock that comes with moving items, you do not want to add your friend the extra burden when they want to move next time. Just present those with a small gift well thought out, and convenient for their regular needs.

How to Know When You’ve Found the Perfect Master Bedroom

Luxury master bedroom

The master bedroom in your home is more than a room. It’s a sanctuary! When designed properly, the master bedroom should offer a peaceful place to retreat after the daily chores are done. It should be peaceful and serene giving you a relaxing environment to prepare you the sleep at night. With that in mind, there are several things you should look out for to know if you have found the perfect master bedroom.

Master Bedroom inspiration on Pinterest

Find inspiration for your Master Bedroom on Pinterest:

Walk-in closet

There are very few people who have enough space for closets. A master bedroom should have a closet and dressing area making it easy for you to find your shoes, clothes, and accessories. This will minimize some of the stress as you get ready for work in the morning.

A walk in closet will also help to tie the theme of interior space of your master bedroom into a smooth organization. Other master bedrooms also come designed with extra features such as full length mirrors, shoe racks, and jewelry trays if there is enough space.

Patio or balcony

A good master bedroom should have a small patio or balcony with French doors connecting to the outside. This will give you the ambience you require to relax after that long day at work. A balcony also offers a peaceful place away from family to sip a cup of coffee. Watching the sun rising from the horizon or listening to the birds chirping early in the morning can offer a very soothing environment.

Sitting area

A master bedroom is not just about sleeping. There should be a detached sitting area to offer you somewhere to relax when it is too dark and cold on the balcony. The sitting area should have at least two comfortable chairs, a side table, a good lamp. The side table will hold a cup of coffee, a book case, and your reading glasses as you unwind.

Points of light

Your master bedroom should have three points of light if conventionally designed. According the U.S Centre of Building Technology, light adds structure, warmth, and welcoming mood to the interior décor of a room.

In a master bedroom, the three sources of light play varying roles. There should be a soft bedside lighting intended to create peaceful and relaxed moods in the evening. Overhead lights are more powerful and will be very useful when getting dressed in the morning. There should also be recessed or directed reading to use when you are reading.

Luxury bedding is a must for the best master bedrooms

Luxury beddings

If you want to feel great when going to bed at night, then your master bedroom should have luxury beddings. They should be made with high quality linens with coordinating hues or a single color enveloping you with luxury and creating a feeling of comfort. Your perfect master bedroom should also have a high end mattress and a place to hang your pajamas to add to that relaxed feel. You can take a few tips from Snugglenado for the ultimate in comfort.

Window treatments that block light

This is also an important consideration when you are looking for a perfect master bedroom. It should have luxury window treatments which block out the sunlight and add to the elegance of the master bedroom. As such, you will be able to enjoy a more restful sleep at night. If the bedroom has windows that face the east, then this should be a necessity.

Rugs and carpets

You do not want to wake up in the morning and step out on a cold floor. Even if the hardwood in the master bedroom is very lovely, it should have soft plush rugs that give your feet a comfortable feel. You can also opt for a master bedroom with a deep pile carpet that covers your feet as you walk. Having plush rugs and carpets is a good investment since your master bedroom should have a relaxed feel from that moment you step in.

What helps you relax?

Your master bedroom should help you get away from the stresses of life and chaotic daily work. As such, your perfect master bedroom should have everything that gives you a relaxed feel. Whether it is low lighting, music, antiques, favorite mementos or any other activity that helps to relieve your stress, make sure your master bedroom has everything that promotes tranquility and relaxation.

A home just isn’t a home without the perfect master bedroom

If you crave privacy, comfort, and tranquility, then your master bedroom should have features that offer you that feel. With the above listed features, you will find the perfect master bedroom that you are looking for.

5 Tools to Help you Record Higher Quality Property Videos

Real Estate videos are big business on Youtube

Video tours of real estate properties and listings are no longer optional. They are a necessity if you want to keep up or move ahead of the competition. With the busy schedule of potential buyers, they may not be able to visit the site physically. However, using property videos, you will be able to engage them and take them through the property virtually. This will leave an almost similar satisfaction if the client visited the site in person.

According to John Passerini, the vice president in charge of interactive marketing at Sotheby international reality, use of property videos is an absolute necessity. There are a number of tools available to record property videos. These include, augmented reality options, futuristic videos, 3D video tours and some traditional methods. However, if you are looking to record high quality property videos, then there are some tools that you can rely on.

Here’s an overview

Cameras and lenses

A good camcorder or DSLR should help you shoot quality videos. However, you need to remember that you will have to attach the audio recording tools, tripod and lights. Therefore, you should go for a high end camera that can support these capabilities.

You might also need to purchase wide angle lens. Therefore, your fixed lens camera should also be capable of supporting a lens adapter. In the case of a removable lens, you should only select the ones that can work with your mount thus eliminating the use of an adaptor.

Stabilizer or support

Using different supports can make video more interesting If you want to record great property videos with exteriors and wide shots, then a support of some kind is a must. You also need to have a support or tripod if you are going to engage in any camera movement such as pans and tilts. A fluid head tripod will offer you the flexibility that you need for such activities.

If you go for jerky tripod stands, then you videos will have an amateur feel more than those shot using poor quality recorders. If the room is small and cannot accommodate a tripod, then you can go for a monopod. However, you can also invest in some form of handheld stabilizer to shoot still videos.

Handheld stabilizers range from pro gyro systems, handheld rigs manufactured by Camtrol or even the ModoSteady produced by Manfrotto. Tripods and stabilizers range in prices but they are very important if you want to shoot professional looking and steady real estate videos.

Quality Lighting

You do not want your recorded property videos looking dark and gloomy just because of poor weather and lighting. On the minimum, you should have one LED as part of your equipment. It weighs less weight, is highly portable and energy efficient better than other lights.

If you are shooting your property videos in larger rooms and would need to balance indoor and outdoor light, then you might consider acquiring a few CTB or CTO gels. However, keep you budget in mind.

Quality Microphone and Cover

A good mic is a must to make good quality videos Sound is one of the most important aspects of any video. You can shoot a very interesting and captivating video. However if it lacks audio, or comes with poor audio quality, then your video will also be deemed to be of poor quality. You might also need narration and voice over for your videos.

If you will be doing voice over narration in a studio that is controlled, then use a carpeted and quiet room and shoot the videos in the corner of the room to avoid echoes. You can also include natural sound of the woods in your property videos or the neighbors backing dog to bring more reality.

When choosing microphones, a good choice to go for is a Lavaliere microphone. Also called lap microphones, Lavaliers are very versatile and suited for general use. It is small in size, clips freely to clothing, thus allowing you to record your audios smoothly and effortlessly. They produce good sound quality thus an invaluable tool when shooting your property videos. Some folks are now using them with their iPhone as mentioned over on EatSuccess.

Proper video editing program

There is different video editing software ranging from free to the high end premium ones. It all depends on your budget and the computer system that you prefer. Choosing the fanciest and most expensive video editing software is not a guarantee that you will produce high quality property videos. Choose the one that is easy to use while still offering you the tools, features, and options that you need.

Excellent video is the key to getting an edge

The real estate sector has become highly competitive. Your presentation skills will determine the volume and value of sales that you make. With high quality property videos, you will have more bargaining power and put you in a position to make sales.

3d Printed Furniture Can Make Staging Your Home Faster and Easier

3D Printed Furniture is the future of staging

Home staging is the preparation of a home for sale. Its goal is mainly to make it more appealing to as many potential buyers as possible. As such, the property is able to sell faster and at higher prices. In staging, the appeal of the property is improved through addition of carefully selected accessories and furnishings. This transforms the home into an attractive, natural space  that is highly desirable.

What is 3D printing?

This is a process or technique that translates a digital file into an object with three dimensions. It is done with a 3d printer that forms the object through a layering process. The technology used to be widely used in games and videos but it has now been applied to create furniture too. 3d printing has also revolutionized the manufacturing industry. It is now possible to make three dimensional usable objects using 3d printing. According to NOWlab, a company that is based in Germany undertaking three dimensional printing, 3d printed furniture is in high demand in the real estate sector.

With 3d furniture printing, designers are now able to create objects that can be fitted into homes and appear like real life tables, chairs, wardrobes and other furniture. Since they rely on digital printing, the furniture can be customized to any particular setting or place.

People have been printing 3d furniture for quite a while now. If you are a property seller doing staging, you need to look for the best pieces out there that fit with the theme of the house that you are selling. If you want to spark the imagination, then choose 3d furniture that matches with your property. It should add value and enhance the property that you wish to sell.

How 3D home staging works

3D home staging provides a great alternative to the traditional methods of home staging. It gives the house warmth thus giving the potential buyers emotional connection with the house. They can be able to see themselves inside the house and visualize what it will be like to spend time inside those rooms and seated on that elegant furniture.

Staging a condo before saleA good way of enhancing 3D home staging is through the use of 3D furniture. Empty rooms without furniture look small, boring, and lifeless. Most people cannot visualize furniture or where to place it if it is not actually there.

Artfully arranged and designed 3D furniture can help the buyer in determining the scale of the room and imagine how their other furnishings will fit in. according to a study conducted by Coldwell Banker, homes staged with 3D furniture realized an increase in 6.4% over the list price on average.

If a home on sale is vacant, then staging becomes very important. With three dimensional furniture included in the models, the house does not feel hollow or deserted. The potential buyer feels at home and at ease. In today’s real estate industry, it has particularly become important to do staging with included furniture. Buyers always make the assumption that the owner wants to sell the house quickly and is offered low prices as a result. With three dimensional furniture used during staging, the potential buyer feels like they have already occupied the house.

Benefits of staging a house using 3d furniture

It is important to create a good first impression. House models with vacant rooms appear unappealing and empty to potential renters and buyers. Majority of buyers cannot create a visual image when just presented with an empty room. As such, they cannot visualize more than what they see.

Staging a home before saleWith property staging, the house is shown in its best form and the buyers imagine themselves living inside there. Statistics indicate that buyers prefer to buy staged homes. Properties that are staged stay on the market for 78% less time than those that are not staged.

First impressions create a big difference between leaving potential buyers out or attracting them to your listing. 3D printed furniture will help you stage your home faster and easier, sell faster and at a higher price. Real estate agents have observed that staged homes sell faster than those that are not staged. Staged homes are also able to show their hidden potential.

Take a look at 3d printed furniture for you next staging

Also called additive manufacturing, 3D printing has enable human beings to print almost everything imaginable in three dimensions. The real estate and properties sector has not been left behind. 3D printed furniture are now widely used property staging making it easier and faster.

Sell More Property With the Best Quadcopters for Aerial Video and Photography

Best quadcopters for real estate arial photography

Arial photography and video are a huge part of sales in real estate. You need to get potential buyers interested before you can sell any property. The first step in engaging them is having quality photos and videos displaying the features of the property that you intend to sell. With the emergence of quad copter photography, there is a whole new dimension to arial real estate photography available for you.

You are now be able to show off your property listings with a stunning aerial perspective. This is a great feature if you want to place emphasis on the lot or show off the appealing nature surrounding the home. Being able to produce such images and videos will surely help you make more property sales!

We’ve compiled a few of the best quadcopters with cameras well suited for real estate video that have high user ratings and will provide the best overall user experience.

Quick model listing:

DJI Phantom 2 Vision+

4.8 Stars
It is considered one of the best in the market. it has the ability to record smooth and crisp videos due to its 3-axis gimbal. It has an inbuilt FPV link and a redesigned high definition camera. It enables you to stream live videos and photos straight into your Smartphone. It offers great convenience since the camera and the gimbal are already linked to the device thus minimizing any stress difficulty in setup + operation.

DJI Inspire 1 4k

4.7 Stars
This quad copter comes with a mind blowing 4k video and 12mp still shot camera, higher priced than other models, but it’s an industry leading piece of hardware that blows away predecessors and competitors. Stream 720p live directly to android, iOS or transmitter device. Carbon fiber construction makes it extremely light and give it an full unobstructed 360 degree view for incredible shots. Flight time will be in the 20 minute range. For the ultimate flight and video experience grab a second transmitter so you can record, while your friend flies!

350 QX2 AP

4.4 Stars
If you want to capture great steady videos, then Blade 350 QX AP Combo offers just that. The drone has a safe mode that prevents it from crashing into the pilot and offers an excellent out-of-the-box start platform for new drone flyers. Using what is called “Stick Relativity” wherever you point the sticks on the controller the drone flies that direction. It helps newer pilots have much safer flying experiences until they can switch to a more conventional control method. Once your experience level increases you can change over to agility modes for more aggressive flying. This model is 7.5 lbs and offers 10-15 min flight times.

QR X350 GPS Quad Copter

This quad copter has excellent stabilization thus offering smooth shots. The best option is to buy this as a combo pack that contains everything to get you started. It has an accurate gps mode for easy tracking. You can also upgrade the firmware if you wish.

Blade 350 QX RTF

4.1 Stars
Manufactured by Blade engineers, this quad copter has an agility mode that allows it to perform acrobatics during aggressive flying. It is also designed with a return home function that allows landing at its home position automatically. Other included features include 3G flight mode, flight envelope protection and a steady mode. It is one of the devices in the market that performs well with when integrated with a GoPro camera.

Walkera GPS QR X800

4.0 Stars
Although it has easy to use features, it is at a professional level when it comes to shooting aerial photos and videos. It provides flexibility in terms of the camera it can be used with since it is able to carry heavy loads whether you want to use a DSLR or action camera. It is GPS quad copter with great portability featuring a foldable frame and retractable landing gear. It also has a G-2D brushels camera gimbal mount which is compatible with GoPro. An added bonus of this quad copter is that it provides you with more than 40 minutes of flight time.

DJI PHANTOM 3 Professional

4.0 Stars
This is a hands-free device using ultrasonic sensors and GPS plus visuals. You only have to send it up there and tell it where to go. The camera is physically supported by a 3-axis gimbal thus absorbing any jerks and delivering excellent quality 4k video. It offers an average of 20 minutes flight time and offers good value for money.

Hubsan X4 H107D

3.5 Stars
Almost the size of a palm, this quad copter comes with amazing features for your aerial video and photography. The camera is inbuilt feeding live footage directly to the inbuilt screen on the transmitter. You can also record on an SD card and view the progress on the transmitter screen. Its frame is lightweight, 6-axis flight control system, capacity to shoot live videos, and can fly up to a height of 100 meters without any interference. It is one of the best quad copters to shoot videos and photos for your property videos.

Arial imagery is the future of real estate video

Drones and quadcopters for arial photography real estate It is very difficult to sell property without high quality videos and photos. Buyers are looking to understand a property without having to come for a visit. Often they are buying from afar and making visits is time consuming and costly. What better way to delivery a birds eye view of a property than with arial video and photos? You could rent and airplane, but thankfully you won’t need to since you can get excellent shots with a quadcopter or drone fro your property videos!

UPDATE! New FAA regulations imposed on Drones and Quadcopters

If you’ve been using a drone or are thinking about it you need to know what the FAA is doing to regulate drone use, pilot and drone registration and how it can affect you as an agent or photographer. Here’s a short update on the FAA’s position on drone use in real estate:

The Federal Aviation Administration is warning real estate agents who fly their own drones to take pictures or videos of listings that they are not engaged in a “hobby or recreation,” meaning that the FAA could attempt to take enforcement actions against them if they and their aircraft have not been certified as experimental or commercial operators. – Source: Inman

While this might be very unpopular with hobbyists and the industry is trying to figure out just how to move forward the consequences for violations and action against you as a professional could be much more severe. It would be wise to read and be informed on the new rules and steps you need to take to comply.

Quadcopters aren’t going anywhere, but some safety on the part of operators is only prudent.

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